Thursday March 4th

Classes are as scheduled starting Thursday March 4th!!


Re-registration Winter Term

We are open to take re-registration for our Winter term.

Please not that this is for our current members in our program. They have until November 6th to register their child for the Winter term.

On November 7th we will open up our registration to our waiting list and new members.

If you used a credit from last year for this current term you will owe the $70 insurance/equipment fee for this year.

Re-registration form for Winter term. Current members only.

Sept 23 Classes on

All classes are on for today. Please note that we DO NOT follow the school board cancellations. We will always post on our web page and social media accounts if classes are cancelled. If nothing is posted it means classes are on.

2020 Gymnastics Protocols

We just wanted to share our COVID-19 protocols that will be in place when gymnastics starts back up on September 8th.  As with this entire pandemic, these protocols are subject to change as we try to adapt in the safest way possible while allowing the kids to still have fun and learn gymnastics.

Social distancing will be maintained for all athletes during classes.  When entering and exiting the facility where social distancing is difficult to maintain all athletes are required to wear a face mask.(Pre School classes masks are optional when entering and exiting)  Upon entering they will wear the mask until they are finished changing into their gymnastics clothing and enter the gym.  Once inside the gym their coach will provide them a ziplock bag with their name on it to store their mask in while they are in class.  At the end of the class they will put their mask back on to change and leave.  During the class they will not wear a mask for obvious safety reasons but social distancing will be maintained. 

All athletes will enter and exit through our main entrance.  Class start and finish times have been staggered to eliminate coming and going at the same time.  If your child’s class starts at 4pm please do not drop them off early.  The door will be locked until all the children from the previous classes have left. 

Only athletes and coaches will be allowed in the facility with the exception of preschool classes.  For our Kindergym(2-3 year olds) program a maximum of one adult will be permitted during the class.  For our Tiny Tot(4-5 year olds) program a maximum of one adult will be permitted to bring them inside to drop them off for their class and pick them up if needed.  Waiting inside the facility during their class is not permitted.  Any pre school parents entering the facility are required to wear a mask the entire time you are inside. 

We have been running our competitive programs for the past 3 months with no problems and are confident that this “new normal”  will work well for our recreation programs this year.  We are excited to see all the kids back and having fun!

2020-2021 Registration

Please click on the link below to register for our Fall term.

Social distancing protocols will be in place for all classes. We have been perfecting how we run our classes in this new “normal” all summer and have it down pat. Please note that adults accompanying children in our Kindergym(2-3 year olds) program will be required to wear a mask while in class. In following public health guidelines, no children will be asked to wear a mask while doing gymnastics for safety purposes. A video outlining all of our protocols will be posted next week.

2020-2021 Recreational Gymnastics Registration Form

Recreation Summer Camp

Recreation Summer Camp will take place the week of August 3rd-7th.  Camp starts at 9am and finishes at 3pm.  Parents can do early drop off at 8am if needed.  The cost for camp is $200, if your child is not a registered member of Gymnastics PEI and extra $35 registration/insurance fee will be added.

To register please use the following link.

Recreation Summer Camp 2020 Registration