Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What should my child wear?
A: Athletic clothing, shorts, t shirt, bodysuit, leotards are all acceptable. Loose fitting clothing is strongly discouraged for safety reasons. No socks, and long hair must be tied back.

Q: Is there gymnastics if school is cancelled due to weather?

A: Storm policy: We do not make up classes due to storm cancellations. If we do have to cancel we will post on our Facebook page and on our Web Site. School cancellations often do not affect our programs. Use your discretion & wisdom before travelling.

Q: How do your PD Day programs work?

A:When there is no school for the day i.e. Professional Development Day and Parent Teacher Interview Day (English School Board only), we offer fun-gymnastics for all levels: 9:00am – 3:00pm. Cost is $25/day. There is no early dropoff

You can view all PD Days on the School Board Website here

On PD days the Saultos regular day and evening programs will also run at their intended time.

You must reserve your child’s spot at least one week before the PD Day.

Q: What are the dates for the 3 Recreational Terms?


Term 1 – September 15th to November 30th

Term 2 – December 1st to March 7th

Term 3 – March 8th to June 4th

Q: Are you open on Holidays?

A: Holidays such as Thanksgiving, Rememberence Day (morning only), Islander Day & Victoria Day, we will either have class or a makeup class on a Saturday afternoon.

When postponing a class due to a holiday, make-up classes will be set at the club’s & coach’s discretion ahead of time and communicated to parent/gymnast by phone, email or note as to the date & time.

Recreational Gymnastics Closures:

We do not run recreational classes during Christmas Holidays, March Break, Good Friday and Easter.  Other closures may occur if we are hosting competitions such as Provincial Championships.  All closures will be posted in advance on our website, Facebook page and be circulated via our Newsletter.


Q: How do I pay for gymnastics?


Recreational payments: Fees for the recreational program must be paid before your child begins his/her first class. If payment requires special consideration, please contact Jeff the club’s business administrator.

Payment: Cash or cheques made payable to Saultos Gymnastics. If you plan to take part in all three recreational terms we recommend that you provide 2 post-dated cheques for Nov 20 and Feb 25th (one per additional session) as to maintain your membership.

Additional fees once a year.

  • GPEI fee – is an additional yearly payment of $30.00per gymnast (collected once at the first term it is separate from the recreational fee).
  • Equipment Fee: once a year $20.00

Q: What should my child drink during gymnastics?

A: We recommend water as opposed to sports drinks. Gymnastics is mostly an anaerobic activity so electrolyte replacement which is the main goal of sports drinks is not as important. They are also very high in sucre which is not ideal.


Q: Do you offer private lessons?

A: Yes, private lessons may be available depending on availability of our certified staff members. Cost is $45 per hour.


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